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Retro games date back to the early 1980s. Pong, Space Invaders and Pac Man were some of the
first to hit early consoles. The Atari 2600 and Nintendo Entertainment System were the first
commercially successful consoles, followed by the likes of the Sega Mega Drive and then the
Playstation and Nintendo 64.

There’s a movement, known as retro gaming, whereby gamers longing for retro games collect and
play some of the earliest video games. Retro gaming is becoming increasingly popular, so much so
in fact that there are entire magazines and websites dedicated to the trend.

Whilst the most obvious way to take part in retro gaming would be to dig out that old Mega Drive,
shove in that twenty year old copy of Aladdin and plug the thing in, most of those early have taken
a lot of hammer over the past two decades! If you manage to get the thing working, the chances
are you will have lost/broken your favourite games.

Fear not though, as there is another way. Emulators are created to replicate the retro games
consoles. Websites like offer gamers the chance to purchase actual copies of all
their old favourite consoles and games. They even offer hardware parts including extra joysticks
and memory cards.

The easiest and cheapest way to get your hands on emulators, however, is online. Retro games
consoles can be downloaded from a number of sites, or others support them in your browser. You
can then play to your heart’s content on your PC. You may have to pay for some emulators,
although they are often free. With a quick search on your favourite engine you’ll soon find
everything from the very first Atari system to Gameboy emulators online.

Alternatively, if you’re all about the game and not too fussed about the console, you can download
retro games online too. There are hundreds of titles online, from Pokémon to Mortal Kombat, and
they’re often free.

Websites like allow you to download remakes of retro games for
absolutely nothing. You can choose to filter their extensive range of retro games by console,
categories or games. Simply select the game you wish to download and you’re off.

Retro games can also be downloaded onto your smart phone. Atari teamed up with Apple to make
a number of their retro games available through the App Store. There are countless other remakes
of the old, classic games available to download onto Android and iPhones alike. You can even
download the original Snake for the iPhone!

For total retro gaming nuts, you can even download the soundtracks to retro games online
nowadays! Atari have a ‘Greatest Hits’ album out, there have been several Sonic the Hedgehog
tracks released and there is even a Mortal Kombat soundtrack!

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